by Michaela Ganezer The day has finally arrived. You enter the movie theater with all the excitement building and building with each step. Entering the theater, the glorious smell of buttered popcorn hits you. You smile and become even more excited if it’s even possible. Skipping the ticket line with your prepaid tickets in hand,Continue reading “THE MISUNDERSTOOD WORLD OF ART BEHIND THE CAMERA”

Effective Writing

Wright Thompson wrote the article “Pretending to Be Okay” about the head women’s basketball coach of the UCONN Huskies. I have always been a fan of the UCONN Huskies so right away it had my attention. However, I have never liked reading long articles since I always got bored and uninterestedvery quickly once I started.Continue reading “Effective Writing”

Role of the Audience

“Remember who your audience is!” “Use language your auidence will understand!” “You have to write this assignment using this style and these guidelines or you will fail!” It was all about the audience and writing in the way I am told for all my life. On the other hand, William Zinsser wrote a chapter in definingContinue reading “Role of the Audience”

Readable Content

Good: (author – Broadband Team) Bad: (author – Jefferson Graham) After reading both articles, I realized that the article by the Broadband Team does a better job of writing an article that is easier to read all the way through than the other article by Jefferson Graham. Streaming services have taken over our lives and people are still askingContinue reading “Readable Content”