It’s Beginning to Take Shape

Creating Mockups to Choose a Path After working endlessly on research by gathering as much background information on movie posters, creating mood boards to use for each movie that includes the chosen time period, and sketching out different ideas, it was time. It was time to move onto probably one of the scariest parts ofContinue reading “It’s Beginning to Take Shape”

Digging Deeper with the Sketches

Whenever a project is being done in the design world, the sketches play a huge role. As I have mentioned before, sketches are done so the designers can see put all their designs and ideas down on a paper to compare everything all at once. Then from there the designer will go on to createContinue reading “Digging Deeper with the Sketches”

Sketching as Exploration

Print design has been around for a very long time. In all areas of design, designers have always been a stickler about the design process. This can include gathering as much background information as possible, draft numerous amount of sketches, simplify it to about three versions, and then choosing one of them to create aContinue reading “Sketching as Exploration”

Creating the Posters on a Schedule

Time management is something that everyone in the world is trying to get perfect in their busy lifestyle. It is also something that is hard to master and yet everyone seems to have the magic solution that everyone should follow. However, the truth is, is that there is a technique or tool out there forContinue reading “Creating the Posters on a Schedule”

Creating a Movie Poster

            Horror. Disney. Musical. Adventure. Action. Si-Fi. Drama. Crime-Drama. There are so many different genres and types of movies and some have more than one genre mixed together. Before anyone sees a movie, the trailer is where movie goers will see first in order to figure out if they truly want to see it. Either thatContinue reading “Creating a Movie Poster”