Redesigning Target’s Website

Taking on the task to redesign or just to design anything, whether it is a new product, a newer model of an existing product, an update of some kind, or even a redesign of a website, can be difficult without the proper tools and methods. To some people it may seem like an easy taskContinue reading “Redesigning Target’s Website”

Using the System Usability Scale Method

How many times has a survey popped up on a website that you were using at the time? How often do you get annoyed when they take too long to complete? Nowadays, companies are trying to get customer and user feedback in any way they can. This can be anywhere from asking questions at checkoutContinue reading “Using the System Usability Scale Method”

Using the Emoticon Score Method

There are a countless number of different ways to gather research in any experiment. With that being said, how do you know which method would be best for you? Knowing the different methods can help, but ultimately only one can really be used. Some of the ways the people can gather user experience data is throughContinue reading “Using the Emoticon Score Method”

Concepts of User-Centered Design

When designers come together to create a design, product, website, or anything else, there is a process that happens. In this process there are times where they can go back to square one and start over, need more user testing, and do what they need to do in order to make the product easy toContinue reading “Concepts of User-Centered Design”