Color vs. Emotion vs. Advertising

Do you know how much of our emotions and color can affect advertising? Do you realize how much of our emotions are affected by color? Have you noticed the trends happening in movie poster designs? Whether we know it or not, we are constantly being influenced by ads promoting different types of products and brands.Continue reading “Color vs. Emotion vs. Advertising”

Manipulation: Greatest Sin of Visual Storytelling

Everyone at some point in their lives want to capture that “perfect” picture even though that’s impossible since perfect doesn’t exist. How far will someone go to get that perfect picture? Crop other people and objects out or put new people and objects in? Alter and touch up the image to get it to lookContinue reading “Manipulation: Greatest Sin of Visual Storytelling”

There’s No Planet B

For many, many years the world has been divided about an issue that is severely hurting the planet, climate change. One side claims that scientists are making it up and it’s all fake. While the other side is arguing that humans have created a devastating impact on the planet and without changing and helping theContinue reading “There’s No Planet B”

Color and It’s Connection to Our Emotions and Advertising

Advertising for anything has come a long way. No matter where we look we are bombarded with millions of ads in a single day. In fact, many of the ads that we see use color to its advantage. Depending on the product and the type of advertisement, the color as well as the lighting canContinue reading “Color and It’s Connection to Our Emotions and Advertising”

Visual Representation of Emotions

Obviously any visual piece that we see whether it’s a photograph, art piece, advertisement, or even a movie still can tell a story. However, the good ones can really evoke some kind of emotion through the colors, facial expression, any details that are shown throughout the visual, or even the overall look and feel ofContinue reading “Visual Representation of Emotions”

Images That Tell A Story

Visual design is constantly in our faces throughout our lives. It can be anything from movie or show, photographs, art pieces, graphics on a website, and posters just to name a few. Thinking about the visual storytelling aspect goes hand in hand with creating the designs. Artists creates these designs in order to inspire, relate,Continue reading “Images That Tell A Story”