Color and It’s Connection to Our Emotions and Advertising

Advertising for anything has come a long way. No matter where we look we are bombarded with millions of ads in a single day. In fact, many of the ads that we see use color to its advantage. Depending on the product and the type of advertisement, the color as well as the lighting can have a major impact on the way we feel towards it. Now taking that into consideration, how do movie posters create quality work in order to get an immediate and emotional response from the audience so they would want to see the movie? Dive further into this question by watching the video below! Enjoy!

If a password is needed it’s visualstorytelling2020

One thought on “Color and It’s Connection to Our Emotions and Advertising

  1. Hi Michaela!

    Your presentation was full of intelligent analysis of the colors of movie posters. The feelings associated with the colors matched well with the visuals you chose when the genres or plots of the films were explained. If you wanted to expand your topic, it could be interesting if you explained the design process of some movie poster creators. What principles or colors do they consider when making their imagery? The slide you showed with many movie posters on one screen is an image that you could talk about more. Something I notice, especially when trying to find a film to watch on Netflix, is how much attention I pay to the posters when determining what movie interests me. You could discuss how people make decisions not only based on movie posters’ colors but also on the layout of certain elements and facial expressions of actors. Typography was one of the topics in the first module and I think you could also refer to it during your analysis. How do the elements of color, facial expression, and text all work together to make an audience understand the genre of a film? There is a lot of potential to expand your topic.

    Overall, I think you did an awesome job with this presentation. I look forward to seeing what you explore in your paper.


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