Creating the Final Interactive Prototype for the Southington App

What is the difference between medium fidelity and high fidelity prototypes? In a previous blog post, I discussed how I created a low-fidelity prototype of my for the town of Southington, CT. This type of prototype did not pay any attention to details and instead focused more on getting my ideas out on paper withContinue reading “Creating the Final Interactive Prototype for the Southington App”

User Testing the Southington App

What is user testing? There are many steps when creating a website or even an app. It always includes planning, sketching, wireframes, or low-fidelity prototypes, and now it is all about the user testing. User testing helps to determine how the app, in this case, is functioning so far and what potential users think aboutContinue reading “User Testing the Southington App”

Low-Fidelity Prototyping – Southington App

What is a low-fidelity prototype? Creating the app perfectly is still too soon. Instead, creating a much simpler prototype is the next step. A low-fidelity prototype allows for the designer to plan out and give some possibilities of what many of the screens would look like through every little detail and little to color. GraemeContinue reading “Low-Fidelity Prototyping – Southington App”

Companion App Information Architecture

Web design allows for everything to be large and easy for people to read what they need and have an easy time finding everything. However, when it comes to an app on a phone it becomes more challenging for the obvious reason, the size. More and more people nowadays are always on the go andContinue reading “Companion App Information Architecture”

Website Information Architecture

There is always some kind of plan or outline before a project can begin. Whether it is a painting, a building, or even a website and app there is a basic idea of how everything is organized. Without creating a plan, problems will arise and it can cost thousands and valuable time to fix itContinue reading “Website Information Architecture”

App Ideation: Dream Escapes

What is the Ideation Phase? After all the research is done the next step is to come up with solutions, no matter how bad or crazy they are. This is more commonly known as the Ideation Phase. This can become stressful at times since one or a combination of these ideas will be the officialContinue reading “App Ideation: Dream Escapes”

The Content Strategy Proposal

Fairmont State University is looking to redesign their website in order to gain more visitors to the site and more enrollment in the university, but to also show that it’s more than doing well in class. They want to show people that they will be able to prepare for success in the classroom and outsideContinue reading “The Content Strategy Proposal”

Branded Content Strategies: What Can Go Wrong?

Advertising consumes our lives whether we notice it or not. They can be seen on TV, in a film or show, on a website, on social media, or even in a newspaper or magazine, and that’s not even all the places we see or hear ads. However, when it comes to branded content, it bringsContinue reading “Branded Content Strategies: What Can Go Wrong?”