Visual Representation of Emotions

Obviously any visual piece that we see whether it’s a photograph, art piece, advertisement, or even a movie still can tell a story. However, the good ones can really evoke some kind of emotion through the colors, facial expression, any details that are shown throughout the visual, or even the overall look and feel ofContinue reading “Visual Representation of Emotions”

Images That Tell A Story

Visual design is constantly in our faces throughout our lives. It can be anything from movie or show, photographs, art pieces, graphics on a website, and posters just to name a few. Thinking about the visual storytelling aspect goes hand in hand with creating the designs. Artists creates these designs in order to inspire, relate,Continue reading “Images That Tell A Story”

AIGA Community Guidelines

The purpose of AIGA is to promote design and have designers connect and help each other navigate the design world. AIGA doesn’t tolerate any kind of negative actions, including bullying, harassment of any kind, etc. In reference to AIGA’s social media presence, anything posted, shared, or commented on will continue to provide designers with asContinue reading “AIGA Community Guidelines”

It’s Beginning to Take Shape

Creating Mockups to Choose a Path After working endlessly on research by gathering as much background information on movie posters, creating mood boards to use for each movie that includes the chosen time period, and sketching out different ideas, it was time. It was time to move onto probably one of the scariest parts ofContinue reading “It’s Beginning to Take Shape”

Digging Deeper with the Sketches

Whenever a project is being done in the design world, the sketches play a huge role. As I have mentioned before, sketches are done so the designers can see put all their designs and ideas down on a paper to compare everything all at once. Then from there the designer will go on to createContinue reading “Digging Deeper with the Sketches”