Role of the Audience

“Remember who your audience is!” “Use language your auidence will understand!” “You have to write this assignment using this style and these guidelines or you will fail!” It was all about the audience and writing in the way I am told for all my life. On the other hand, William Zinsser wrote a chapter in definingContinue reading “Role of the Audience”

Readable Content

Good: (author – Broadband Team) Bad: (author – Jefferson Graham) After reading both articles, I realized that the article by the Broadband Team does a better job of writing an article that is easier to read all the way through than the other article by Jefferson Graham. Streaming services have taken over our lives and people are still askingContinue reading “Readable Content”

Advertising Controls What We See

Throughout my twenty-one years I have wondered what this world would be like without all the advertisements. I mean it has taken over shows we watch, it has been integrated into our social media apps and even scattered throughout the Internet and on buildings. I cannot go ten minutes let alone a whole day withoutContinue reading “Advertising Controls What We See”

Boredom is the New Superpower

Imagination helps us all to live our best lives and to achieve our dreams no matter how long it takes. It also helps to fuel our creativity that can stem from anything and anywhere at any time. Boredom is something that not many people would consider creativity coming from it. In fact, it can causeContinue reading “Boredom is the New Superpower”

Don’t Give Into the Temptations!

As humans we all have those things that distract us from doing the work that has to get done in the moment. Younger generations has more distractions than ever before. Then we have the desires and urges to attend to those distractions whatever the case may be. Before all the technological advances it used toContinue reading “Don’t Give Into the Temptations!”

5 Days of Instagram Controlling Me

Introduction and Background… Technology detox. Now that is the most terrifying phrase to hear for anyone these days. I mean, how on earth would we talk to people, look things up, share pictures of the food that we are eating or our pet sleeping, or even go down the rabbit hole on YouTube to theContinue reading “5 Days of Instagram Controlling Me”

Our Great Ruler – Social Media

Technology as we all know has dramatically improved as well as taken over our lives. It’s changed the way we communicate, do laundry, research, and has even made advances in the medical fields. However, while this all helps out our lives by making it easier when we need it to be, it can also haveContinue reading “Our Great Ruler – Social Media”

Deep Work in a Distracting World

The world that we live in is constantly evolving and changing every second of the day. Every day is a new beginning that can cause someone to take a step forward and make something better whether it’s technology, medicine, or even improving and bettering themselves through gaining new knowledge and skills. Along with these advancesContinue reading “Deep Work in a Distracting World”