Belfast City Council Website: Content Analysis Report

The Bernard Marr company prepared a management strategy for the Belfast City Council in order to improve the lives of the people in the city or visiting and improving the city overall. The Marr report stated what the overall goal was and where the company had to put their focus in order to achieve thatContinue reading “Belfast City Council Website: Content Analysis Report”

Content Analysis of African Wildlife Foundation Website

We all look at tons of websites every year. But how do we know if it’s good and everything works well? Sometimes when something like an image or a header looks good on a site there may be a problem within the code itself. I used the Screaming Frog SEO Spider program to audit andContinue reading “Content Analysis of African Wildlife Foundation Website”

Content Strategy vs. Content Marketing: Different, Yet Connected

Over the years, we see thousands if not millions of content a day that are both digital and physical whether it’s on TV, our phones, on a wall somewhere, in a book, or anywhere we are. The process of getting the content out into the world takes not only some time, but also takes theContinue reading “Content Strategy vs. Content Marketing: Different, Yet Connected”

Developing a Content Strategy: Budget, Buy-in and Preparing for Success

Developing a good and successful content strategy for other people to get to know and to eventually be a part of takes some time and planning. Without the proper planning then no one will trust that it will be successful or they will loose too much money. Let’s face it, for many people and businessesContinue reading “Developing a Content Strategy: Budget, Buy-in and Preparing for Success”

Has Content Strategy Changed?

Over time, whether it’s a year, two years, ten years, or more, there’s so much that changes. Technology, people, and businesses, are just some of what really changes. The response to the changes can be good to where people are thriving or it can be the complete opposite. Once changes begin to happen the nextContinue reading “Has Content Strategy Changed?”

Redesigning Target’s Website

Taking on the task to redesign or just to design anything, whether it is a new product, a newer model of an existing product, an update of some kind, or even a redesign of a website, can be difficult without the proper tools and methods. To some people it may seem like an easy taskContinue reading “Redesigning Target’s Website”

Creating the Mini Documentary

Reading & Writing: Creating some type of visual whether it’s a movie, show, PSA, documentary, or anything else involves a lot of work. There’s no right or wrong way to do create one as long as it doesn’t confuse and annoy the audience or else no one will be willing to watch it and itContinue reading “Creating the Mini Documentary”