Manipulation: Greatest Sin of Visual Storytelling

Everyone at some point in their lives want to capture that “perfect” picture even though that’s impossible since perfect doesn’t exist. How far will someone go to get that perfect picture? Crop other people and objects out or put new people and objects in? Alter and touch up the image to get it to lookContinue reading “Manipulation: Greatest Sin of Visual Storytelling”

A Hubbard Park Montage

READINGS & WRITINGS: While you are recording your videos and collecting tons of footage, there are many aspects to remember and to be cautious of during the process. This could be anything from the set up, to the colors in the shot, the composition of the shot, type of lens, lighting, what is going toContinue reading “A Hubbard Park Montage”

There’s No Planet B

For many, many years the world has been divided about an issue that is severely hurting the planet, climate change. One side claims that scientists are making it up and it’s all fake. While the other side is arguing that humans have created a devastating impact on the planet and without changing and helping theContinue reading “There’s No Planet B”

Color and It’s Connection to Our Emotions and Advertising

Advertising for anything has come a long way. No matter where we look we are bombarded with millions of ads in a single day. In fact, many of the ads that we see use color to its advantage. Depending on the product and the type of advertisement, the color as well as the lighting canContinue reading “Color and It’s Connection to Our Emotions and Advertising”

Planning a Video Montage

READINGS AND WRITINGS Creating a video montage can be great for advertising, bring awareness for something, or even creating a video from a trip, personal or business. A video montage is described in The Bare Bones Camera Course for Film and Video as  “a series of related shots used to combine time or distance, setContinue reading “Planning a Video Montage”

Recording and Editing a Podcast

READING AND WRITING After all the excessive planning for a podcast, video, or whatever it may be, the next steps is to record and to edit. Along with recording for the project, there are decisions to be made. These decisions can include the location to record, the type of microphone and equipment to use, andContinue reading “Recording and Editing a Podcast”

Planning for a Podcast

BEGINNING A PODCAST People find comfort in the podcasts that engage their interests. Whether the podcast is about true crime (fiction or non-fiction), books, films, tv shows, life advice, advice about something you like, or any other topic, each person will find a different reason why they enjoy listening to the podcast. So if youContinue reading “Planning for a Podcast”