Creating the Mini Documentary

Reading & Writing:

Creating some type of visual whether it’s a movie, show, PSA, documentary, or anything else involves a lot of work. There’s no right or wrong way to do create one as long as it doesn’t confuse and annoy the audience or else no one will be willing to watch it and it won’t become successful. A successful piece of work doesn’t come without a lot of criticism. In fact, Tom Schroeppel states in his book, The Bare Bones Camera Course for Film and Video, that “And learn to criticize yourself. It’s the only way to progress. Every criticism, no matter how ridiculous it may seem, can tell you something about your work.” Those who take criticism to heart won’t grow and get better, compared to those how take the criticism and turn it into something incredible in their piece. You never now where that feedback can take you in your career. All in all, continuing to learn and grow and not basking in your success all the time can create incredible and powerful visuals.

Research to Inform:

L-Cut: Dunkirk

Start: 1:56 & End: 4:35

This scene uses L-cuts to end the movie. The shot begins with the character beginning to read a story in the newspaper. Then as he continues to read the story, b-roll comes in and the character’s voice becomes the narration and the videos become a montage that matches to what is being said. Overall, the ending of this film becomes powerful because the audience isn’t just watching someone read the paper, but instead seeing powerful and memorable visuals that make the ending more meaningful.

J-Cut: Pretty Little Liars: Cat’s Cradle – The Mask

Start: 31:46 & End: 31:59

This show is all about 4 friends (Aria, Spencer, Hanna, Emily) trying to figure out the truth about how their friend, Alison, was murdered, but someone knows all their secrets and is using them against the girls. Earlier in this episode the three friends, Hannah, Emily, and Aria were trying to figure out where a mask that Alison got made before she died. They eventually found out where the mask was made and they went there. In order to get information from the one who made the mask, Emily had to subject herself into getting a mask made of her face. At one point in the episode, where the J-cut is used, I honestly thought something happened to my TV. The screen goes black, but the audience still hears the characters talking and Emily slowly breathing. This cut allows the audience to be in Emily’s point of view, so we can understand what she is going through as the mask creator takes the mask of her face and we see what Emily sees after the mask comes off.


This pandemic has made life very difficult for everyone and with students it can be even worse. They can’t have a proper education, socialize like they used to, or do many of the things they love like sports and other extra curricular activities. Watch the video below to hear from a student’s perspective of how the pandemic has affected her life.

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