Belfast City Council Website: Content Analysis Report

The Bernard Marr company prepared a management strategy for the Belfast City Council in order to improve the lives of the people in the city or visiting and improving the city overall. The Marr report stated what the overall goal was and where the company had to put their focus in order to achieve that goal. From there a report needed to be put together in order to see how the content can help that goal and what can realistically be attainable. The company’s website was used a lot to see what content it currently has, what’s missing, and what it’s relation to the audience and the business goals are. Doing this can be a step forward in creating the best content that will ultimately help the city and its people. While looking at the goals and content is great, the problems also needed to be identified and solutions needed to be given. Below is the Marr report and also the content analysis report that includes more detail about the goals, problems, the content, and the solutions.

Bernard Marr Report:

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