The Content Strategy Proposal

Fairmont State University is looking to redesign their website in order to gain more visitors to the site and more enrollment in the university, but to also show that it’s more than doing well in class. They want to show people that they will be able to prepare for success in the classroom and outside in the world in a great career, all while portraying a close-knit community on campus and off. In order to do this I had to create a content strategy proposal and how to achieve the goals the university has for the website. In the proposal, I started with the background information of the site and what the problems are with the content and site overall. From there I went on to comparing it to other university sites, and to figuring out what was needed page by page and what content fit onto each one to make it successful. Once that was all figured out, the site’s architecture had to be figured out to make sure it was easy enough for users to figure out once they are on the site, and then possible wireframes to show a very rough idea of what the pages may actually look like. Furthermore, after all the preparation, I had to figure out the next steps the university needs in order to put the proposal into action by making sure the university had what they need to understand what they had to, what they will have to decide, and then finally what they will have to create to achieve their goals and to have be as successful as possible. While I was not able to do the entire website since it is so large, I was able to do a small part of it that was enough to get my ideas across and it was enough to help make the necessary improvements.

Below is the Request For Proposal (RFP) that I was given to follow with all the information I needed to put together the proposal, as well as the actual content strategy proposal that I created.

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