Project Management

While I was going through this assignment I didn’t realize all the actionable items that I was completing. It got me thinking on how much effort I really put into the posts each week. For the majority of the semester we have been talking about deep work and how in today’s society it is extremely rare to see someone actually do ing deep properly. However, when I found the time to continue it without really thinking to much about it I isolated myself to where there was the least amount or no distractions to begin with, and for about 30 minutes I was able to actually concentrate on this assignment to really think about and go through what I actually did and do within each blog post. This actually shocked me because I usually am constantly taking breaks, getting distracted by social media, or even taking too long to pick a song to procrastinate myself from doing the work. I believe it was because I didn’t want to forget anything no matter how small of how I created the three blog posts.

As I was doing this it also reminded me of prototyping and thinking about designing things whether it is a toy, website, an app, games, basically anything that a consumer will by using or buying. This is because of the fact that before it gets sent out into the world, people usually do testing for it to see if it will be easy enough for people to use. In a Netflix documentary series called Abstract: The Art of Design, and the episode was “Ian Spalter: Product Design at Instagram”, and a designer stated that if the user cannot use and navigate easily around the app or website or whatever it may be in five seconds, then they will leave and go somewhere else. This is true because of the fact that nowadays we expect everything to be easy to use and our attention span has decreased over the years and generation with all of the technology. We also expect it to be eye catching with the colors and pictures, and that too much text with out pictures can turn people away. This goes hand in hand with the assignment because with prototyping you have to think like the user. How many steps does it take to do this action or that action? What will work and what won’t? Is it eye catching? Is the pictures good enough? Can I navigate around this easily in about 5 seconds? What can be improved to better suit the technology driven generation?

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