Social Media Plan for AIGA

The nonprofit organization, AIGA, uses social media a lot to get any information out there and to advertise any events or resources that designers will want to know about. However, I had no knowledge of this organization in high school, but once I got to college I knew all about it within seconds during my first design class. This organization would have been great to know about as a high schooler since I knew I wanted to have a career in design and AIGA could have helped me along the way. So for this social media plan I want to find a way to get the organization out there even more so that the younger generation of designers can hear about it sooner in their life and get involved.

AIGA is on a lot of the social networks where the target audience is active including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. However, I believe they still need to be on Snapchat since a lot of the younger generation uses this network a lot. For each social network the same content is posted but changed up a bit to fit for the network it is on. The content that is the most important are any of the videos and content that has something that was designed well that’s attention grabbing. AIGA posts content that includes, quotes with designs in the background, interviews, promotions of upcoming events or products for designers, and videos, and altogether they are able to express their brand, product, service, and their big idea that they set out to do. While their posts gets some attention I do believe it needs to better and brings more people to the networks. AIGA promotes a positive and inspirational culture amongst its social networks. AIGA still needs to create forums that I believe they can really benefit from so that designers can connect from different chapters and even if they are not a part of one they are still able to connect with others, and they already have blogs out there so they don’t need more. 

AIGA is already posting to the target audience on the microblog networks that includes Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. There can be more followers on Facebook, however, it’s not one of the most popular or used for many people in the target audience. On each microblog, as I have stated before are photos, inspirational quotes by other famous designers with a design as the background, promotions for upcoming events and products that designers should know about, videos involving interviews and videos in general. While they are on the right track with their social networks, it looks to strict like in the sense that it needs to have more freedom in the content. In other words, even though it is an organization or business, AIGA should still post more tutorials in different areas of design (either as a video or an image with a link in the description), more designs that can inspire others, deals on programs that will come in handy out in field in the world, more resources like books, websites, or design supplies that a designer may want to have, and even competitions that designers of all levels or have separate ones for different levels, can enter to improve their skills and connect with others. As a designer myself seeing these kinds of posts would grab my attention and want to look into the organization more and I believe it’s what AIGA needs to reach its target audience. 

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