AIGA Community Guidelines

  1. The purpose of AIGA is to promote design and have designers connect and help each other navigate the design world. AIGA doesn’t tolerate any kind of negative actions, including bullying, harassment of any kind, etc. In reference to AIGA’s social media presence, anything posted, shared, or commented on will continue to provide designers with as many resources as possible to further their design career and for each designer to stand out. AIGA will continue to provide a positive and encouraging environment for everyone so that every person can be themselves without fear. 
  2. AIGA’s moderation policy on our social media is that if anyone bullies or says anything cruel and unwanted about anyone or the organization, then AIGA has the right to delete the comment(s), block or ban the user from the seeing anything on the account, and will report the user for further investigation by the police or the appropriate authorities. 
  3. AIGA promotes and encourages positive reinforcements towards other designers and users on our social media networks. We welcome any ideas and comments that promote healthy and positive communication and engagement with everyone whether that’s sharing resources and tools to help others in their work, upcoming events and experiences, or just by connecting with others.
  4. AIGA’s legal restrictions are that our posts, articles, members, etc. are not to be used or shared/reposted for negative or mean reasons that will anger others or that doesn’t promote or encourage positive reinforcements. We do not tolerate anyone using AIGA for personal gain or goes against our values and goes against what we try to promote (i.e. using it to bully others, etc.). 
  5. AIGA’s guidelines for paid ads, sponsored posts, or paid placements are to not use it for personal gain or for negative and unwanted reasons. Also, these paid ads, sponsored posts, or even paid placements, must contribute to the growth of designers and promote a positive environment where designers can come together to gain new knowledge and skills and connect. 
  6. FAQS
    1. Does AIGA offer any scholarships?
      1. AIGA and Worldstudio offer Worldstudio AIGA Scholarships to allow young people from minority and economically disadvantaged backgrounds to not only to realize their artistic dreams but also to give back to their communities.
    2. What member benefits does AIGA offer?
      1. Membership with AIGA has many benefits including connection to the largest design community in the US, full access to Design Jobs, discounts on events, professional development offerings, services, and products; industry news and trends, health insurance assistance, and more! Additionally, AIGA chapters often provide additional member benefits specific to their creative community. Inquire with your local chapter for more information.
    3. Are there payment plans?
      1. There are payment plans that fit your needs whether it’s annual or monthly plans. If you need to, contact AIGA for any further questions or concerns or you need a different payment plan based on your financial status.
    4. What do registration fees cover and how are they set?
      1. The registration fee for participants includes attendance at all conference general session presentations and the opening reception. Continental breakfast and light refreshment breaks will be provided; lunch and dinner are on your own. The fees are set to make the experience both memorable and affordable. Typically the per-person cost of putting on the conference is about three times the registration fee.
    5. Can AIGA help find a design graduate a job?
      1. AIGA’s website offers Design Jobs, a national career and recruitment center. AIGA members may post a job seeker profile, and anyone may post a job listing.
    6. Can AIGA help with internships? 
      1. We encourage students to list themselves in the job seekers section Design Jobs with a “seeking status” of Internship. Likewise, we are encouraging firms to list their internship opportunities.
    7. Which chapter do I choose? I thought I was just a member of the national organization. 
      1. All members are a part of AIGA’s national organization and are also affiliated with one of the 73 local chapters across the nation. When you become a member and select a chapter, a portion of your dues goes to funding your chapter’s programming and initiatives—local networking events, workshops, Design Weeks, conferences, and more. When creating your profile on you can choose your chapter, or update it any time, from the “My Account” page. If you need help finding a chapter near you, check out the interactive map or email chapters at
    8. How can I connect with other designers?
      1. Connections with other designers can be found through any of the social media networks, through the Designer Directory on the AIGA website, or through the AIGA website itself. 
    9. Where can I find resources to help strengthen my designs?
      1. Recourses can be found through the posts or links on the social media networks, through other designers, or on the AIGA website.  
    10. Can I use AIGA resources without paying anything?
      1. There are many AIGA resources that you can use without paying anything whether it’s found on the social media network or the AIGA website. However, there are some resources that you can’t get until you pay.

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